By sending us drop ship orders, you're agreeing with these guidelines, policies and terms.

If you have a question or problem contact Neal Whitley at or 317.442.4946

Ok. So we've just set up our process to be able to accept drop shop orders from dealers/wholesalers. Very cool. However, you need to take note of the process and policies we've set up to accommodate orders from drop shippers.

You'll need to have a "Drop Shipper Account". Create account here and select drop shipper as the account type. (If you already have a wholesale account we can switch that over for you, or you can simply create a new account with a different email address.) All order confirmations and shipping notifications will go to this email address. NOTE: Please make sure you enter a billing address in your account.

NOTE: There is a process that needs to be followed:
  1. We can only accept orders via our batch file loader. This involves you taking a tab delimted text file of your customer orders and loading them into our system.
  2. This means you'll need to be able to (or have your web developer) create a custom export of your new SOL orders that follow our batch file specifications.
  3. Unfortunately, we can not accept orders via email. (Since we custom print each shirt with customizations (front, back, back with different pocket logos and on multiple different shirt styles and colors) we have to load all of our order data into our production system so that we can print it efficiently and track it internally.
  4. All orders are entered into our system as unpaid purchase orders and are invoiced/charged to you via your credit card. So you'll need to get us your payment details when you start sending in orders.
ORDER FLOW: How it will work.
  1. You receive an order via your website.
  2. When you have new orders for SOL, you'll create or download your tab delimted batch text file (file_X.txt) on your system.
  3. You'll visit our batch upload page and upload the orders.
  4. There are number of checks that take place when you load a file. If your file has errors (even seemingly small ones) the upload process will stop and you'll see error messages in blue. All errors must be fixed or removed from the upload file for it will run successfully.
  5. If the upload is good, that means each order was entered into our system. The system adds products and pricing based on your customer group - which is the "dropship group". You can see all your orders in your Dropshipper Account on our website. All final invoiced totals are shown for each order in our system.
  6. You'll receive an email confirmation once the file is loaded "and accepted" by the system. This confirmation will go to your account email address.
  7. All orders are entered into our system as Purchase Order. The Purchase Order ID is the order id generated by "your e-ecommerce platform" for each order.
  8. We will bill your credit card we have on file for you for your open orders. Totals based on invoiced totals located in your customer account.
  9. Your orders will enter our produciton queue.
  10. Once printed the t-shirts will be packaged and shipped. You will receive a ship notification via email with a USPS tracking number when the package ships (it may take 24 hours until USPS updates their system).
  11. We ship the package to your customer with non-branded/generic packing sheet. The packing sheet does not show any pricing info or contact information.

TURN AROUND TIME / SHIP TIME: Setting customer delivery expectations.
Please note that we custom print each order we receive. Since we print each shirt with customizations (front or back or back with different pocket logos and on multiple different shirt styles and colors) it takes longer than grabbing the shirt off the warehouse rack and shipping it.

You'll need to set an extended delivery time, if you show one, on your website where our products are listed. We tell our own customers the delivery time is 12-14 days. We almost always beat that - by a factor of days. We usually are shipping a product in approx. 5-7 days. However, there have been times, either during the holidays or where sales have spiked that delivery starts getting pushed back. We would MUCH rather under-promise and over-deliver on our publicly stated shipping times.

So you should explain to your customers they are ordering a custom made product with a slightly longer delivery time than normal.

Christmas delivery cut-off date: December 13. We can't guarantee a customer will get our package before Christmas morning after this date.

You'll need to closely follow the rules laid out in this instructions/help file - Drop Ship File Specifications and Product Set-Up. This explains how you should set up products on your site and how to properly structure your tab delimited batch file.

Our packing sheet does not include our contact information. So all customer contact for an exchange or return rests with you and your customer. When you receive an exchange request, you'll gather the change request details from the customer and instruct the client ship their return/exchange back to our address.
  1. Customer Requests Exchange: You will need to tell the customer to place a note inside their exchange package (preferably on a copy of the packing sheet) with the details of their request. (I.E. Please exchange "item x" or "sku x" with "new size x". Or to circle the item on the packing sheet with a request for a new size. For a return have the customer note it is a return.)
  2. Our Mistake: If we shipped the wrong/defective product or sent the wrong package (because labels got switched etc) you can collect all the details and send that request directly to us. We'll re-ship a new t-shirt directly to the customer.
Exchange Address:
T-Shirt Processing
3240 Barnard St.
Indianapolis, IN
When an exchange comes back to us. We'll process the request and send out either the size request change or a new shirt for defects (a armpit hole we missed etc) or send the correct product if we made a mistake.

Returns: For returns (we get very few outright returns) we'll credit back the price of the shirt to your credit card - after we receive the return from the customer.

Exchanges: For exchanges this is how we process them.
  1. If it's our mistake (defective product or we shipped the wrong item) we'll pay the return shipping and ship free back to client. (Usually if the mistake is ours and it's just one or two shirts we let the customer keep the shirt and just send a new one.)
  2. If the exchange is at the customers request (meaning they chose the wrong size) they ship the package back to us, and pay the additional ship fee ($3.00 + $1.00 per item) of the new item being sent to them (see below).
  3. Unless we made the mistake, there is a 15% restocking fee on exchanges.
  4. Upsize surcharges. If a customer is requesting a new size that goes up in price (xl to 2-xl and up) the upsize fee will be added to the total.
Return Fees / Re-shipping Fees / Re-stocking Fees / Up-size Fees:
Because we are not dealing with the customer direclty, nor have their contact information, all return shipping fees, re-stocking fees and up-size fees are billed to your credit card we have on file for you. So when a customer contacts you with an exchange (and it's not our fault) you'll be responsible for charging them fees, as we are charging you once we re-process their request. You will not be billed for our mistakes, ever.

We've come up with a simple API so you can retreive (via CRON) a USPS tracking number when we ship a package. Note: You'll receive a standard ship notification when the package ships to your email address. But if you'd like an easier way to notify your customers you can use this API to automatically update your system with a tracking number.

This is the API URL you will use to retrieve a tracking number.

This will return a json_encoded string. You or you web developer can take the response and update your systems in anyway you see fit.

Here is a link to a partially coded PHP example of how you'll receive a json string with the shipping data:


All order batch uploads are saved in a order log. You can view all batch upload data in one place. Or, if there was an error or you're not sure an order went through you can double check the record log.

Shipping Calculation: $4.00 flat + $1.00 per item.

We ask that vendors drop shipping our products to follow a minimum pricing rule. We ask that you don't publicly list prices more than 10% off our retail price. You're free to offer any private (to your customers) discounts, sales, discount codes, free shipping or offer cart codes, bundle sales and site sales that apply to all products you sell including ours.

You are free to use our images, logo, mark, content in the promotion of our products. You are free to advertise or promote our products on any advertising platform/media. However, with the one restriction: For paid Cost Per Click (cpc) we ask that you don't bid on our company name - Sons of Liberty Tees.

You are responsible for your own customers, order processing, credit card processing and fraud detection. We are not responsible for charge backs placed against you by your credit card company, for orders we ship on your behalf. If you suspect an order is fraudulent then please don't send it too us.

- Pricing, shipping and fees are subject to change at anytime. All real-time pricing is available when you log-in to the front end of our site.
- We are free to terminate a business relationship with you at any time. You are free to cease doing business with us at any time.
- We will only ship orders that have been fully paid for. If there is a problem in charging your card or billing you in any manner, we can not ship the product to the customer.

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