Wouldn’t you…?

Wouldn't you...?

17 thoughts on “Wouldn’t you…?

    • Josh Gottschalk I agree. My point we give up right after right to the point it will actually comes down to are lives, literally.

      We’ve give up these rights in the name of safety, in the name of mankind, and in the protecting feelings.

      We are all guilty of this, I just hope we learn, if we ever gain our liberty back fully, we never make these mistakes again.

    • Shon Snyder unfortunately, it has been proven that our elected officials only want to take more and more freedoms away, rather than give them back.
      The ONLY way for the people to get back the Freedoms they deserve is to take them the same way they did in 1776.
      As frustrated as many folks are about this, i fear that the ones who need to fight back are unsure of how to do so without a bloody mess.

    • Josh, I understand. I have no doubt that at some point it will.

      With possibly one exception. Vote local offices to people that believe in the constitution over party. Two things this may do, Is give your local governments, the mindset to protect your rights, and build up a pool of politicians that might climb to higher office.

      If I may , I’d like to introduce you to KrisAnne Hall, she a Constitutional Lawyer, that now teaches outside of the conventional way of thinking.


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