Wholesale/Dealer T-Shirt Pricing

Sons of Liberty Tees Wholesale T-Shirt Pricing

If you run a retail, vending or web retail business and would like to sell our shirts please set up a wholesale account.  Set up an account here (select "wholesale" from the group dropdown option).
Our wholesale pricing is simple: 45-55% off our listed retail price based on tiered pricing.  You pay for shipping to your location.
Register your wholesale account here: Create Account - select "wholesale" from the group dropdown option, this will set your account as a dealer account and you will see dealer pricing. You'll be able to create a wholesale order and check out as a normal.
Branding: Your brand/logo on our shirt designs.
If run your own branded store, shop, vendor brand or are running a non-profit campaign, we are willing to work with you to place your brand on the shirts we print for you. For example: You can have our designs printed on the back of the shirt, and we'll take your logo/design/art (Vector format: EPS, AI or Coral Draw black and white) and print a front pocket design of your choosing.  Minimum of 100 shirts (mix and match).
We print all of our men's tees and long sleeve tees on 100% cotton shirts: Port and Company and Bayside (made in America +$5) shirts.  Other products such as tanks, hoodies, spaghetti tanks are printed on various other manufactured shirts. See full list on our sizing chart. If you want our designs printed on another manufactured shirt, we can do that as well. We'll have to custom price the order as you won't be able to use our online ordering system. Minimum of 100 shirts (mix and match).
3rd Party Marketplaces:
Only Sons of Liberty may sell on 3rd Party marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.
Drop Shipping:
If you'd like to drop ship our t-shirts you can follow this link for additional details. We can accept drop ship orders via our batch file loader - that we'll blind drop ship for vendors/resellers. You will need to follow the process we've laid out in order to submit drop ship orders to us.
There is a $250 shirt minimum order on wholesale orders.

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