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Affiliate Program

Sons of Liberty Tees Affiliate Program

Commission: 15% on net sales

Help spread the word of liberty and earn some money in the process!

How Does It All Work?
After registering, you'll get access to our affiliate area. In here, you'll get your own unique affiliate link and banner links, that you can use to promote our site. What this affiliate link does is track every single referral that you make to our site, so when someone that you referred buys from us, you'll automatically get credited with the commission.  We track sales with a cookie which is active for one year.
Your unique affiliate link can be used anywhere you want, so you can put it up on your website, Facebook, set it as your email signature, blog it, or just tell your friends about it. Don't be spamming The Internets though...bad form. Tsk Tsk.
Getting Paid
We send all of our referral payments monthly via PayPal. So it's REQUIRED that you have a PayPal.com account. No minimum balance required for payment - so even if we just owe you $1 you'll get it each month.
If you run a web business, website or blog and would like to refer people to our shirts you can sign up at the link below: