Why is that?

Why is that?

9 thoughts on “Why is that?

    • Can we not use biased Politifact though? If it’s actually false, use original sources and fight on the merits of your argument rather than outsourcing to biased secondary or worse sources.

    • So rewrite the article citing the same sources, and arguing the merits with my own words changes the fact that it’s mostly false how? All news sources are biased. If it’s on the internet, chances are it’s skewed based on the writers bias.

    • Why is it mostly false when Politifact agrees that every senator listed did vote against the one amendment and has received over $100k from even Politifact’s narrower definition of big pharma? Maybe you’ll be able to add something since they don’t justify that beyond “well It’s misleadingly true, so we’ll label it false”

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