the PAINFUL truth:

the PAINFUL truth:

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  1. Unless you are a company, then the Government gives them a tax break so that it has a excuse to to tell you there is no money left and they have to take your Medicaid and Social Security from you. Good one Trumpsters.

    • Too bad it’s the democrats trying to tax you to death. New tax kicked in and already seeing more take home from lower taxes. Next year gets better. Learn your facts before whining about Trump. Oh and Obama raised taxes while letting how many banks and corporations be bailed out? Or did you conveniently forget that that happened? Or when he and democrats robbed social security of trillions of dollars to force broken Obama care down our throats which no one wanted, while our seniors live well below the poverty level even though they paid into social security for years.

    • Eric DeMarco, your tax breaks are end dates, so what use is a couple of years of lower taxes if the interest rates you pay for your credit cards and loans rise above the value of the tax cuts because the Republicans have added 1.5 Trillion dollars to the deficit.
      If you would rather the banks and GM had gone belly up then you are a complete financial moron. The Government’s shares in GM are worth more than the loans they gave to them.
      You may not have wanted Obamacare but there are tens of millions of people who love it and now have health care. Just like the dude who was celebrating that Trump was going to get rid of Obamacare until it was pointed out to him that the Affordable Care Act was Obamacare and he was covered under it.
      The Republicans are still going to raid Medicaid and Social Security to pay for the company tax breaks. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have already flagged it. Enjoy your future, working longer for less.

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