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  1. I wish gun owners would stop claiming that there is no such thing as a “gun show loophole”. Of course there is. The phrase is somewhat generic, but simply means that not all sellers at gun shows (specially non-FFLs) are required to conduct background checks.

    Somewhere between 10-20% of gun purchases at gun shows fall into this category, although gun control advocates tend to exaggerate this number to upwards of 30%.

    Trying to make the point that most non-FFL gun sales away from gun shows also are not required to conduct background checks does not make the “gun show loophole” false. It just means it’s bigger than gun shows. So stop making such a ridiculous claim. You only look like a liar to the other side.

    • Well it’s not a “gun show loophole”, because it’s nothing to do with gun shows, and it’s not a loophole. It’s for private transfers, and is specifically described in law, including straw purchases, attempted abuse, numbers of “private sales” such that people can’t use it for moving a bunch of guns as unlicensed dealers, etc. So by describing it as a gun show loophole, anti gun advocates are the ones being disingenuous.

    • Good luck finding one of those”loopholes”.
      I have yet to be at a gun show where they dont require background checks.
      If U knowingly sell to a felon or someone who can’t legally purchase, it’s an automatic 10 years in prison.
      Buy a gun for someone who cant buy legally, same deal. 10 years in prison.
      So yes u can whine about the loophole, but it’s widely exaggerated and almost non existent.
      It only exists so I can legally gift my children my old guns when their old enough.

  2. I’m as libertarian gun nut as it gets and I completely agree. Stop being stupid! Private sales are awesome and our right! Lying about it makes us look stupid. To all the ppl saying “try going to a gun show and buying a firearm without a background check” ppl, you are already the losing side of the second amendment.

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