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    • Dudes one of the poorest members of congress but cute meme. At least he earned his wealth and wasn’t given it like trump. Not sure what Venezuela has to do with this but if you know anything about it or Bernie they are totally different. Democratic socialism is what he was pushing and I don’t agree with all of it but like some of the ideas. Do research kid! One day you can have a seat at the table with the big boys to have an actual intelligent conversation but stick to your cute memes until then

    • Ha! Dude take a look in the mirror. Everything you root for loses! You are not educated when it comes to economics and finance. The fact that you didn’t know how Venezuela pertains is evidence. They are on the brink of civil war due to socialism . Socialistic tendencies nonetheless; however you title it, have been the downfall of many thriving economies (Venezuela prior to the adoption of socialism). Bernie sanders is not poor by any means. He has multiple homes and his most recent is over $800k. He averages about $500k a year in salary outside of his federal benefits.

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