Let’s not let that happen.

Let's not let that happen.

18 thoughts on “Let’s not let that happen.

  1. Worse yet is a political regime like we had under Comrade Obama. It didn’t ignore the Constitution. It set about to rip the Constitution to shreds. We may never understand the full extent of the damage that was done. Some of that damage can probably never be reversed?

    This is exactly what will happen again in the future should the American populace be stupid enough to vote the communist democrats back into power. Socialism/Communism/Progressivism sounds so alluring to generations of young folks who don’t yet have the intellectual development to make rational decisions.

    The reality that history teaches us is that Statism, of whatever flavor, has never worked anywhere it has been tried. Yes, you can create a communist country, but the only way to enforce it is at the muzzle end of a gun. Statism is just another name for slavery!

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