John Adams on Liberty Lost

John Adams on Liberty Lost

8 thoughts on “John Adams on Liberty Lost

  1. So true. Once you are labelled a criminal you can never find your way out of that. Once you get a small Felony you can never work your way out of it. There is no such thing and Liberty and justice for all in this country or any other I afraid.

  2. I have to agree with Mr. Monarque. Second chances are only given to those who have or are walking in the same shoes you yourself are walking in. A man/woman who has done NO wrong is more likely to give a person who is of the same background a second chance before he/she would do so for someone who has committed a crime a served his/her time. Having hope that there will someday be “Liberty and Justice” for all is in agreement with Mr. Monarques statement. So sad to say but so very true.

  3. Ed there is LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL it just depends what side of the court room you are on. Victims or defendants. Victims have their liberty taken from them, defendants usually have thrown theirs away.

  4. There should never be any reason for second chances. Dont do the crime and you wont throw away your liberty. Simply as that. I know thats a hardline approach but people need to start accepting the consequences of their actions. If I do “A” I can expect “B” to happen. People dont just have their liberties and rights away for no reason. Once they gone for criminal they should be damn near impossible to get restored.

  5. Let’s face it, the Constitution was written by geniuses that were inspired by God and his son Jesus. The current overseers need to leave it alone. The Hope and Change and Forward motions need to be rethought.

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