I’ll stop … when they stop.

I'll stop ... when they stop.

16 thoughts on “I’ll stop … when they stop.

  1. molest is an understatement of epic proportions rape or sodomize would be a better word in my opinion and the sad thing is the only thing people are doing about it is complaining about it on facebook myself included…..and alot of other people dont even see it lol animals have more rights than us at this point

  2. Terry Funkenheimer you just posted liberty is for tea party idiots. Is liberty a bad thing? True equality for all is the right thing of course but tearing down America in the expidition will only harm as all.Sure the Constitution was written by slave owning hyopcrates but is the foundation for the freedom & liberty so many take for granted & dont realize we could loose it forever, unless it comes to CW II. Tea partiers are not racists & idiots. So dont shit on me & I wont shit on you,ok? I thought you liberals were supposed to be the tolerant & forgiving ones.

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