Don’t you think!

Don't you think!

8 thoughts on “Don’t you think!

  1. how about , being the age of technology we are in, we the people should have a vote on all major spendages …. send 4 billion to Mexico to help them build ? NOPE…4 billion to the wall to keep illegals out ? YES… I work too much and have too little to be sending my tax dollars to people who have done NOTHING to deserve it.. I’m all for helping other countries….But only when our country is GREAT AGAIN… cut our crime , home our homeless, feed our hungry, and care for our sick and elderly…Then and ONLY THEN should we think of helping others who contribute nothing to our country. I had a thought last night..If i were able to keep what i earn, without the government taking their cut, they did not earn… i could afford to live happily and free from government help… as of right now i have two children and get help with health care paid by the state and about 200 in foodstamps… not proud of either , but basically like the government just giving me back part of what I pay in taxes each month…i could do it on my own if they would keep their grubby hands out of my pay…hell i could even be driving a new Corvette with the money they steal under “taxes” instead I have an 11 year old csr on its last legs…but no its fine…go send billions to other countries… smh

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