Don’t you agree?

Don't you agree?

12 thoughts on “Don’t you agree?

  1. Taxes are what we pay, for the things we dont want to deal with, like roads, bridges and protection from those who would harm us internationally. The problem is, career politicians think that money belongs to them. They waste it, give it away for more votes and send it to those internationally that would harm us. But there is a cure. Stop voting for career politicians, period.

    • Michael Sorensen if you cut out one tax, they would simply raise the one that is left. So financially for us, it would make no difference. I personally have no issue paying taxes. I’d would like to see public records of how much is being collected and where it is spent and be whom. When everybody cant see what they are spending, they’d be alot less likely to waste.

  2. Actually if we were to bring our troops home by law we wouldn’t have no ffederal taxes…and if one could afford the attorney fees we could use the government and not have to pay taxes it been successfully done more than once…

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