Do you agree?

Do you agree?

9 thoughts on “Do you agree?

  1. They won’t do it. Remember this generation in school now has been taught that there is no personal accountability or responsibility. They complain about guns because it shifts the blame from their own actions.

  2. Let’s not confuse what the kids are actually doing! They are being kids, using an unfortunate situation to get out of class! They don’t give 1 solitary fuck! Just like liberals and Democrats do not give 1 solitary fuck about blacks or poor people, or the fucking earth, climate babies , they don’t give a fuck about nothing! Oh hey y’all want to go to class today or walk out and protest ?

  3. But, that would be them doing something themselves. The way it is, they get out of school, are supported for doing so, and don’t have to give up anything they care about nearly as much as social status.

  4. There is a much greater agenda here, the Deep State or New World Order crowd if you will has been working around the clock for a very long time trying to destroy our Nation as it is the Only one of it’d kind that has ever existed in the world ! And it is the Best Nation that has ever been ! And we stand in their way ! You us Bible clinging gun toting Freedom loving GOD fearing Patriots that are willing to fight to the death to defeat them, and they will stop at nothing to reach that goal even if it means Destroying this Great Nation to do so ! Trump is the first to stand up to them since JFK ! And we all know what Happened to him ! The Deep State hve killed millions to get wkere they were and now Trump has them backed into a corner, but they are through yet, Like I said they are will to Destroy this Nation to get their New World Order ! So it is only going to get worse Not better !!!

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