Dicks has gone full libtard? You gonna be shopping there now?

44 thoughts on “Dicks has gone full libtard? You gonna be shopping there now?

  1. Dicks went full libtard in 2012. AR “type” rifles haven’t been sold in a Dicks since then.

    If you shopped them last month you were supporting them for taking them off the shelves after the Sandy Hook shooting.

  2. I still shop there. You all may not have realized this but Dicks sells other things besides guns. (Wow! I just reinvented the wheel for you morons!) Besides there are other places to buy AR-15s. (Wait! Hold up! I just discovered fire for you numb nuts!) And before you go putting me on blast just know that I’m a gun toting, conservative that eats bacon too. I just have better things to do than whine about shit…

  3. I wouldn’t buy a gun there if it was on sale for a dollar. If they refuse to sell a gun to a person who is old enough to vote and serve our country, then they deserve to lose my business. Boycott Dick’s!

  4. It’s their right to choose what to sell and not to sell. Whatever. I don’t fuckin care. I can go to Joe’s local gun shop and buy an AR from a guy that is on the same page as me. We can sit and bullshit about this gun or that gun, how Killary should be hanged, whatever. What pisses me off is a baker can’t choose who to do business with. These fuckin liberals are unbelievable in their double standards.

  5. I’m as conservative as it comes. If they don’t wanna sell the AR-15. Who gives a shit. Their guns are all over priced anyway and nobody buys their firearms anyway. If they do, they’re retards. Period. I’ll go to Bass Pro and Academy all day before I go to dicks.

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