Consider this…

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  1. Ask the black girl who was being raped by a black man after being stabbed twice how she felt about the white man with a gun who responded to her screams.. Then ask the two Hispanic women who had been kid napped from S.F., driven 20 miles south, then gang raped by five wetback Mexicans how they felt when 2 white guys with guns showed up.

  2. People have stoped talkig to each other and have there heads in these phones, yes i am on my phone . We need to stop beliving face book like zombies and start communicate with one another. Heres a challenge the next person you meet say Hi , hello . Not to hard then the next person and the next do this everyday and lets see what happens .

  3. The only reason America was not invaded during World war two was because they knew that most Americans were armed. Just think if Hitler would have won that war there would not be any blacks or Mexicans left, he would have killed them all off. So you people need to think before you put American white men down.

  4. Black on black crime is way much more than presented in this dumbass poll.
    Ghettos have more murders than rural or suburbs ya know why because there’s more black Americans than white American. Bee more accurate with your figures and more might stand with you rather than anywhere I’m at and laugh at you whining DUMBASSES..

  5. Super inaccurate. Not sure where they got the figures from but 2016 data shows that African Americans commit 4.23 per 100,000 and whites commit 1.62 per 100,000. This is based off of the 2016 data. Hispanics weigh in at 1.94 per 100,000 I can’t seem to find the data for Asians, unless they’re just using the unknown column in the fbi stats for that. From the same FBI stats, the black homicide rate is 3.62 in 2014, so it’s jumped over half a percentage point in 2 years, which is surprising to see.

  6. I’m a old white guy with guns Never shot a person Just kep my family safe
    The drugs they giv skidsoes would be
    More the trouble 90 % of mass shootings are done by ppl on mind altering drugs Today’s way the government makes zombies of week minded ppl

  7. I would say you more likely to have someone with a darker pigment shade of skin getcha as a stick-up kid.

    But hey what do I know, I am only going off of facts for reasons of incarceration Nationwide.

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