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    • It’s not, only the military version which is the m4 or the higher powered m16 are considered assault rifles as they’re fully automatic.
      The AR15 is semi automatic thus it is not classified as an assault rifle

    • My point is thats not a normal. Hunting rifle like ashot gun. Or regular rife and average person doesn’t have any use for it, I personally think its ok to own a gun if it’s for hunting or at least ahunting style rifle, or a revolver type pistol not a clip style pistol I personally never had ause for one but if I did give me arifle with a scope or a10 gage shot gun I’m not familar with guns, never use one but what ever gage is the strongest is what I’d want !!!

    • Other than defense…..You do realize the 2nd amendment wasn’t written for hunters right? It was written to give us the ability to defend against tyranny at any given time.
      If at any given time martial law is declared or god forbid war on the home field, I want more than a pistol, shotgun, or AR15. I want a fully automatic weapon because that’s what I’ll be up against.
      The m16 has full auto and 3 round burst Kirk England, however because of accuracy issues they created the m4, as it’s more compact it’s easier to maintain accuracy under full auto circumstances.
      That being said, I’ve never seen an unmounted full auto rifle that does much in terms of accuracy. Full auto in my opinion atleast in rifles is for covering fire and crowd suppression

    • Just so you khow I’ve never and don’t how to play video games I’m 60 not some adolescent child the only guns I’ve had achance to shoot are 2 shotguns , a 357western style pistol a22 rifle and a38 revolver Thats when I foun d out I didn’t like guns and I most likely shot all of them before you we’re even born kiddo unlike alot of punks today I was taught to think before I acted which is why I don’t need or want agun I dont have claim to know alot about guns, I was to busy out working my assoff. Making alivingand. Working for a retirement. Not going out playing with guns any idiot can do that !!!

    • Hey John Loden, just because you don’t like guns doesn’t give you the right to take our’s away, they may come a day when our guns are what’s gonna be your defense.
      So many people have lost touch with the reality, we learn about history for a reason, the civil war wasn’t all that long ago.
      Consider it happening in the future the same distance ahead of us and that’s only 3-4 generations away.
      Our lifespans aren’t even a blip on the radar in terms of time but our actions have impacts that can and will last through the ages.
      Do you want to be part of the reason that should anything happen on American soil, your current or future generations can’t defend themselves?
      Everyone just focuses on the now, there’s alot more than that to think about when making decisions that impact an entire population

    • The M16 and M4 both have selector switches for safe/semi/burst. There is no full auto version. There was a full auto version of the M16 but it is no longer produced or utilized by our military. The M249 SAW is the fully auto machine gun our military carries. Crew served M240B and M2 are also fully automatic but require more than one person to operate. Take some time to learn about these weapons and take some time to listen to the debates on both sides and maybe we can actually use some sense to come to some type of agreement on a path forward rather than just yell at each other.

    • no need to forgive. Just want accurate information to be out there. It’s hard enough to debate whichever side you’re on. But when incorrect information is used it just continues to undermine the arguments. Be accurate, be fair, listen, be willing to change your opinion when presented with new information.

    • For the sake of accurate information, starting in 2014 and scheduled to continue through 2019 the Army is updating its M4s to the M4A1, which among other changes replaces the burst selection with full-auto. So you’re both right, at this time the Army has both.

  1. Incorrect. All are termed ‘rifles’. Their purposes and capabilities are different. As is the potential damage attending their misuse.
    Given the variable capacity for our population to use weapons responsibly, and our free society’s limited ability to keep guns entirely out of the hands of irresponsible users, there is no point in claiming false equivalence.
    It would be bad if someone was murdered with a muzzle-loading black powder weapon. But scores of people could not be mowed down if weapon with a rate of fire of one round per minute was abused.
    Nor is this principle, absent in this post, foreign to gun rights advocates who know that hand grenades, mortars, and fully automatic weapons are properly manned for public safety reasons.

    • Sorry, poor logic, Matt. Look that up! The fact that one shooter ever did a mass shooting with low rate of fire weaponry on one occasion does not invalidate my statement. In fact, if there had not been a mass shooter incident in tbe US since 1966, I would not be calling for an assault weapons ban.

      Most killings and suicides use hand guns. That does not mean that public safety is served by allowing all and sundry to own assault weapons

    • Only 1 shooter has used an assault rifle in a mass shooting….That was Vegas.
      An assault rifle is classified as having both semi automatic and full auto fire rates.
      The AR15 is semi automatic only (unless illegally modified) therefore it is not an assault rifle.
      The only ones who own assault rifles in this country are those with a specialized license to buy them (which is extremely hard to get) and law enforcement.
      Even military members are not allowed to bring their weapons home with them, though I’m sure some in the more elite portions who have to leave at a moment’s notice are an exception

    • Thank you for the clarification. My support would be for banning high rate of fire weaponry. I am not hung up on the technical definition of assault weapons. And this would negatively effect many law-abiding citizens rights to own arms in the interest of reducing mass murder, crime and self harm.

      While it is reasonable to argue that no weapon regulation would be completely effective, even Norway had a terrible mass shooting, it is not reasonable to argue that such regulations would fail to reduce gun deaths in the US. I realize Illinois relatively strict laws are easily circumvented, by legal purchases in adjacent states with lax gun laws. But the US has a very high proportion of gun deaths and almost as many guns as people. It is not as if weapons will easily be obtained from international sources if we tighten gun regulations.

    • Actually it’s criminals obtaining firearms illegally that kill more people each day. Imagine that. Criminals doing things illegally. Chicago doesn’t have a problem with legally obtained firearms it’s criminals doing criminal shit. More people die each year in auto accidents than in shootings. More people die from blunt force trauma than shootings. More from stabbings than shootings. Claw hammers and knives aren’t being banned. You might as well protest Louisville sluggers while we’re at it. Ford Chevy Honda etc from making such dangerous high speed assault sedans too. The arguments ludicrous and highly supported by people that are surrounded by armed guards. It’s knee jerk reactions to violent random incidents. You can’t write laws based on random incidents. The issue is and always has been mental health with these active shooter incidents.

    • In that case let ban planes and bombs and cars and cool-aid. Compair the number of crimes committed with AR-15’S and the number of them owned in this country. Its not the gun its the mentally ill people that use them. Lets look at the real culprit in most the the instances where people were killed with gun. The fbi new about all of them lets look into that instead of trying to take our vuns away!

  2. Well this is all new to me I’ve never been exposed to these types of guns as far as I’m concerned to each his own, if thars what you like or want then power to you I’m just saying I have no need for those weapons inmy present physical shape I couldn’t handle one anyway, I’m aheartattack victim and couldn’t handle one anyway, unlike ahealthy person I’m kinda at the mercy of the military. When are you gonna get grenades and don’t tell me there illeagle their are to many ways to make bombs with this modern technology on the otherhand I don’t wanna know do as far as I’m concerned buy what you want it doesn’t bother me eitherway !!!!

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